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Dad’s Army win Ashes in just 15 days

December 18th, 2006 Leave a comment Go to comments

The Ashes are back were they belong!!

Its back.I wish I was still living in England just so I can read the papers. I’m sure the press are ripping apart the English team, asking for scalps of the players, coaches and selectors. Even though they have almost the same team and the same coach as last year when they won…

On England:

England aren’t playing that bad, and they have a good team. Pietersen is ruthless, and is the only batsman in the world who can play Warne without fear. Unfortunately he bats at number 5 and doesn’t give a toss about protecting the tail, continually taking singles off the first ball of each over. Team suicide.

And Alastair Cook, this kid is 21 and has scored 4 test centuries, one of them yesterday against the greatest attacking team in the world. By the next Ashes he’ll be 23, and I’m sure a big thorn in our sides. Watch out. Collingwood too is having a great series so far. That double-ton in Adelaide was amazing, too bad the rest of the team collapsed in the second innings.

Poor Freddie. I think he’s still the same guy underneath but they want him to bat, bowl, and be captain too. Something’s got to give, and I think he did. Vaughan is a better captain anyway, I hope he gets fit soon. And Panesar? He finally got in the team and had a great first innings, but I’m not so sure he lived up to the hype in the end.

On Australia:

What can I say. Ponting, solid with the bat as always. Warne, still appealing like mad but he gets wickets and that’s his job. McGrath, 37 and still dangerous and now he has Clark, his protégé ready to take over his role. Hussey, amazing cricketer, level headed and can bat under any circumstances (current test average: 86.3!) Clarke, back in the team and I’m sure he’s cemented his spot in the middle order. And Gilly? Soon as people start writing him off he goes and does this!

I’m very disappointed that Symonds didn’t play well. This was his chance to get back in the test side and I think he blew it. Although currently on the cricinfo poll 68.9% of people think he should get another chance.

All in all, everyone and their dog has put shit on this Australian team. Too old. Too cocky. Even mouthy ex-pats put the boot in.

Well, its 3-nil now with 2 matches left. Can England save face?

Next week we’ll find out.

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