New Site!

It’s been a while since the last revamp, we’ve got a new WordPress theme and I’ve updated almost all of the back-end code. The site has also moved “into the cloud”. Hopefully this will make Darkgate more reliable than it was with my previous VPS provider.

Apart from the look and feel you won’t notice much difference. Under the covers I’ve rewritten almost every line of code (some of which I wrote in 2000!). All the old Perl code has been rewritten in Python, and pretty much all the PHP code has been rewritten as well.

Have a look around and if you notice anything that’s broken, please let me know.

3 thoughts on “New Site!

  1. Robin Kearney

    How you finding Python? I’ve been hacking on it a lot recently with some AWS libs. Pretty nice language so far.

    Hope you and the family are all well, take it easy!

  2. Timbo Post author

    G’day mate. Yeah, I love it, hence the switch. 🙂 I’ve completely flipped fom Perl, everything I write at work now is either shell or Python.

    Hope you have a nice XMas!

  3. Duncan

    Any chance you’ll bring back all the comics? About half of what I used to read on the Slurper are gone. Thanks!

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