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Fishpond unsubscribe fail

This is probably one of my biggest website hates.

Fishpond have been sending me a daily email newsletter since I bought some book from them which I don’t really want anymore (the newsletter, not the book). They have an “unsubscribe” link down the bottom but it doesn’t just simply unsubscribe me from their mailing list.

No, it directs me to a login page on their site (forcing me to remember my username and password… why?) and then once I authenticate there is no “Click here to unsubscribe” button. I takes me to the front page. I now have to try and find a way to unsubscribe.

WHY do I have to login?? To confirm my identity? Can’t the unsubscribe link contain my username or some kind of hash key which identifies me?

And why then send me to the front page of the site? Why not the page where I can modify my “subscription settings”?

The cynical part of me things they do this to make unsubscribing just that little bit “too hard” so lazy people won’t do it.


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  1. Aron
    June 15th, 2011 at 21:19 | #1

    3rd time trying to un-bloody-subscribe from their list and I cant do it. I am never buying from Fishpond EVER again.

  2. Victoria Schnabl
    November 2nd, 2011 at 14:00 | #2

    I have also been unable to unsubscribe and have tried several times. Has anyone been able to unsubscribe? If so, how?

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