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I don’t remember leaving that light on… uh oh.

June 19th, 2008 No comments

Somebody broke into my house yesterday and stole lots of my stuff. I no longer have an Xbox 360, PSP, camera or monitor for my PC. My girlfriend lost her laptop and a $20 hair straightener (why???).

I took the day off work today to have the police dust my place for prints (found none) and get the broken window replaced. I’m already done with feeling shithouse about this, time to start feeling lucky. They could have taken my TV (FARK!!), my computer… I have no backups (FAARRK!) or even found the spare key to my car and driven that away (FAAAARRRK!!!).

It’s like they only took stuff small enough to carry, so I reckon they were kids. They smashed the window in my spare bedroom to get in, went through all my cupboards and drawers, nicked what they wanted and then let themselves out the back door. I have security screens on my windows but the grill is only on the part that opens. The other side is just solid glass, so I’m thinking my security screens are pretty much irrelevant right now.

My mate Dave was kind enough to give me an old CRT so I’m back on the interwebs. It takes up a lot of room compared to my old flat screen so I’ve got it elevated on a 6-pack of beer. I’d take a photo, but I don’t have a camera anymore.

Oh, and they stole my aftershave. W T F.

Let’s hope I’m home next time they pop round. It’s legal to hit someone in the head with a hammer if you catch them breaking into your home right? Yeah.. I’m pretty sure it is.

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