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September 26th, 2007 1 comment

Quoted from here:

“For the last year, very much under the radar, I’ve been working with two film makers who have created some of the biggest SF movies in the last twenty years on a television project. (I can’t reveal their identities, but pick any three of their movies and you have box office of over two billion dollars.) We’ve been quietly writing and creating the first three scripts for a new SF series that would pretty much revolutionize the form, and which have gone out to the networks for auction. Offers are coming in. Whether or not the offers are enough to make the project work — it’s huge — remains to be seen. Where this goes will be determined in the next couple of weeks. Stay tuned.



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Free Speech Cont.

September 20th, 2007 1 comment

OK, since I’m in freedom to say whatever you like mode, I keep watching this video and I still can’t work out why this guy was arrested. OK, yes he was resisting arrest when he got tasered but what did he do to get arrested in the first place?

Beats me.

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Whirlpool founder sued by 2Clix… who??

September 17th, 2007 No comments

This kind of thing really makes me angry. I know most forums on the internet are full of junk, but if you live in Australia and have ever had trouble with your ISP, the Whirlpool forums is the first place you go to. I’ve used them many times and I can say without a doubt, you get better support in there than you do by calling your ISP!

It’s a great free resouce full of intelligent people who are happy to help you out. And also in the ISP specific forums you quite often get Techies from that ISP hanging out in their work time (and spare time!) evangelising and providing free support!

The real problem for 2Clix is not what was said in the forums, nothing really bad happened in there. Sure some people said some bad stuff about their product but that happens to every software development house (not to mention dodgy mattress companies!) They just don’t like the fact that those 2 forum articles are now coming up as second and third result when you search for “2Clix” on Google.

So what can they do, sue Google? Nope, Google is much too big. So instead they sue the little guy who’s providing a FREE FORUM for ISP users who are sick and tired of getting crap support from their ISPs. Simon Wright had probably never even heard of 2Clix until the lawsuit came in!!

If Whirlpool lose this case, free speech on the internet is dead.

They dropped the case when they realised suing the owner of a web forum is going to give them 1000 times as much bad publicity than those 2 forum threads that hardly anybody knew about. Smart.

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Career choices

September 17th, 2007 No comments

I just did that career meme thing thats going around. I answered the questions and this was what it spat out:

1. Computer Support Person
2. Avionics Tech
3. Power Plant Operator
4. Model Maker
5. Stationary Engineer
6. Disc Jockey
7. Database Developer
8. Web Developer
9. Cardiovascular Tech
10. Electroneurodiagnostic Tech

Number 1 seemed pretty spot on. Am quite intrigued by 6 though, maybe I need to buy some decks???

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September 13th, 2007 2 comments

Somebody tried to break into my house today:


Pricks. They cut the flyscreen in the security doors at the front and back of my house, trying to flip the latch. It would never work, I always lock the front one with the key. And the back one I always keep the inside glass door locked. Still pissed me off though.

I hope they try again…
I hope I’m home.
I hope they can’t run as fast as me…
I hope I have a hammer.

In other news: Do you think if I asked really nicely, Gabe and Tycho would hold PAX in Brisbane next year??

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Is it just me…

September 4th, 2007 3 comments

Or do the new Twenty20 “uniforms” looks like those singlet things that the Aussie netball team wears?

Watson looks like Goal Defense.

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