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July 31st, 2007 No comments

OK, I’m now up to Ep. 9 of Season 3 and once again I can’t decide whether I love this show or hate its guts.

Yes, the back story of the people on the island (sort of reverse character development) is intriguing at times and yes, there are some intersting plot twists….*BUT* there’s always a little voice in the back of my head going “There isn’t any story arc, the writers are making this stuff up as they go!!”

Which is kind of ruining it for me. Maybe I shouldn’t be such a cynic (after all, not every show can do what B5 did).

I just hope at the end it all makes sense, cos right now I’m LOST.

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New Job ‘n Stuff

July 18th, 2007 1 comment

Welp, my new job is going really well. Even though I’m still managing Solaris, HP and AIX systems the focus and pace is a lot different. At Mincom (as an outsourcing solutions provider) I was managing the problems of a whole bunch of clients (between 6 and 11) at any one time.

At my new job I have just one set of problems to take care of. So far I’ve been solving Data Protector and OV issues, so in that respect… not much has changed. ;)

I’ve also been watching Season 1 of Torchwood and I’m really not that impressed. I’m not sure what show they are trying to make… the stories are OK but there’s just something missing. And Owen REALLY has to stop over-acting. It’s a sci-fi show yet he acts like it’s a day-time soap opera. And how come he gets so many girls?? What is up with that?

How they got renewed I have no idea. The BBC must have lots of left-over TV licence money. Capt. Jack should just stick to the occasional cameo in Doctor Who I reckon.

And finally, in sporting news…. G U T T E D. :cry:

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July 7th, 2007 No comments

Last day at Mincom yesterday. Handed in my laptop at 11, started drinking at 12:30. No idea what time I got home but I think I may have sent a few unintelligible SMS messages while I was on my way home in the cab. Too scared to check my phone…

My workmates knew exactly what to get me as a leaving pressie, a portable radio so I can listen to the cricket, and a carton of XXXX…. Awesome! :)

No time to recover. More drinking to ensue, Melissa’s birthday party this arvo. Where does the expression “hair of the dog” come from anyway… is that because that’s what my mouth feels like right now??

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July 2nd, 2007 1 comment

Two very cute girls are having their birthdays today. My gorgeous girlfriend Melissa turns 30, and little Chelsea Rose turns a massive 2 years old!

Happy Birthday girls!! :D

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