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Monday, 20th of September 2004

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Yep, made it in one piece and bullethole free.

Things I learnt in the US:

  • Food can be BIG.
  • New Yorkers are very friendly and polite.
  • The subway isn’t that scary.
  • You don’t have to run when you see cops with full body armour and large assault rifles.
  • All in all, a lot of work and fun was had, but I’m still glad to be back in London.

    Hrm, is it just me, or does everybody appear to be paying homage to Penny Arcade today?

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    Tuesday, 14th of September 2004

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    Just a quick update, I’m currently in New York (business, not pleasure!), and I’ll be here all week. I get back to London on Sunday.

    Will be checking email occasionally…. but I don’t have a tri-band phone, so no mobile!

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    Thursday, 9th of September 2004

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    Check this drawing out, and I though I had a thing for Mary-Jane!!!

    Spider-sense tingling!!

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    Monday, 6th of September 2004

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    Can you spot the differences??

    Great quote:

    “Playing a game puts you into an altered state. It’s like a runner’s high, where sports athletes are aware they are doing well. They not sure what they are doing, but they know they are functioning at their peak.”

    How true. Sometimes Halo does make me feel like an olympic athlete, just instead of being on the race track, I’m on an alien ring world surrounded by vile creatures trying to blow my head off with plasma weapons.

    Its just the same.

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    Friday, 3rd of September 2004

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    Later this month I’m going to the ICC Champions Trophy at the Oval and yesterday, I got a letter from them.

    Listen to this shit:

    “Dear spectator,

    International sporting events of this nature require the support of commercial partners who invest considerable sums of money both in the event and in the sport itself. The investment from crickets’ commercial partners both globally and here in England and Wales has enabled the game to make huge steps forward, indeed, without this financial input it is unlikely that this prestigious world class event would be taking place. I would therefore like to take this opportunity to bring to your attention that non-alcoholic beverages (including water and soft drinks) not produced by Pepsi and crisps & snacks not produced by Walkers will not* be permitted into the venue for matches during the tournament.”

    * Emphasis theirs.

    They then have a table of drinks and snacks that you are allowed to bring in!! Even the bottled water, you can only bring in “Abbey Well”, no other brands.

    Can you believe that, they’ll be searching you at the door *not* for drugs or knives….. but in case you brought in a can of coke or a packet of bloody doritos!!

    The tickets are 40 quid…. EACH. And they still need to pull this crap???

    In other news, somehow, I managed to get in on the World of Warcraft stress-test beta which was only supposed to be for people who live in North America. I thought I’d sign up anyway, I guess they didn’t look at the city or country field in my application.

    Oh well. :)

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    Wednesday, 1st of September 2004

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    Crap. I’ve been on the blackspot sneaker mailing list for *ages* waiting for the day I can actually buy a pair, and as per usual THEY DON’T HAVE MY BLOODY SIZE.

    If you have clown feet…..buying shoes is a nightmare. :(

    Hehe, if you take population into account, and work out the amount of people your country has for each medal you got, Australia came second at the olympics!! (and 3rd if you only take gold medals into account)

    Some interesting stats if you read RWWR.

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