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Friday, 27th of August 2004

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Oh god…. too hungover for ranting today.

Although that story from yesterday reminded me of a penny arcade strip….

Speaking of PA, cool interview here.

Have a good (albeit wet if you live in the UK) weekend.

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Thursday, 26th of August 2004

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Today, I am a changed man. Last night, for the first time ever, I was kicked from a game server…… for TEAM KILLING.

Moi? A TK’er?? Captain Justice HIMSELF?????

Surely not.

Yet, it happened. And since I feel like ranting on this silly message thingy and I have nothing more interesting to say, you lucker reader are going to hear all about it……. once upon a time…..

After working quite late last night, I decided to fire up Call of Duty for a bit of online mayhem. Shooting at germans usually calms me down so I can go to bed and get work out of my head. As usual, I selected a server where friendly fire was turned ON, as I very much enjoy the realism. I’m of the opinion that when your mate shoots you in the face with a rocket launcher, you should DIE. Not just say “HEHE, LOL! :-)”

So anyway, as soon as I join some twat on my team starts teamkilling. Thankfully voting was turned on, so we voted an kicked him. Fantastic?

Not really, minutes later he returns with a friend…. so now there’s 6, 2 TKing retards, and 4 of us. Another vote? Nope, one of us has gone awol and is just standing dormant in the spawn area each round. Which means this time when we vote, its 3 all. We can’t get rid of these 2 ****s.

So fraulein, it is time for ze plan B. Kill the TK’ers when you spawn before they kill you. It seemed to work OK for a bit…. until another person joined. First thing this guy sees is me spawning and killing one of these twats, so he calls a vote……

You have been kicked and banned from this server.


….in other news, whilst I may be lacking in a *life*, I do have a spare gmail invite. If you know me and you want it, please ask! Otherwise I think I’ll run some sort of competition on the slurper and give it away.

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Thursday, 19th of August 2004

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This made me laugh (sad, I know):

Oh dear, I think I’m heading for a geek gold-medal, I’m seriously thinking about going to see this when it opens in the UK. It looks cool! A movie about SCABBLE!! YES!!!!

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Tuesday, 17th of August 2004

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Finally got around to putting up my Glastonbury photos. The biggest and best party on the planet. Aiiiii.

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Wednesday, 11th of August 2004

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Well, the thread I mentioned yesterday is now at 21 pages and counting. It started off with a lot of promise, many prominent artists were getting involved. Even Kurtz himself joined in….. but as with most internet forums, some twat (“Malky”) started trolling and it turned into a gigantic flame-fest. Kurts promptly left and the rest are *still* there calling each other names.

Sometimes, the internet seems like the greatest invention ever made. But then you realise that it can’t work without people, and PEOPLE are the biggest PROBLEM with it.

That could possibly have been one of the greatest debates in the strip comic industry. Sadly, now its just a year 5 playground argument.

One good thing though, someone pointed out this book that Kurtz did a couple of years ago, that pretty much explains what he’s trying to achieve now. And its quite funny!

Read that, then ask yourself:

Has Garfield or Dilbert or Andy Capp or Peanuts or any other syndicated comic made me laugh recently??

Its high time everybody realised comics that are owned by the authors, and not the syndicates NOW WEAR THE PANTS.

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Tuesday, 10th of August 2004

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The gauntlet has been thrown!!

That’s right kiddies, Scott Kurtz started it at the San Diego Comic Convention. He hosted a discussion panel on the future of syndication in comics. During the panel, he and other webcomic authors spoke of the demise of the syndication process, he even offerered to give away PVP for free to newspapers.

Well, today Tycho joined the fray!! He was on the original panel btw, but just didn’t give a toss. He said discussing the syndication process was akin to “discussing the circulatory system of an extinct animal”. :)

Well, naturally, comic authors who have spent large portions of their lives trying to get syndicated in the papers were unhappy about this. How unhappy?


16 pages and counting!! I love this stuff, I’m going to read all of that later.

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