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Friday, 30th of July 2004

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Friday rant time.

This really gets to me. As tragic as 2 kids murdering one another is, the way the media grab hold of it and turn it into something ridiculous mystifies me.

The Sun today had a 2 page article citing a whole heap of “violent” games, some of which I’ve completed and they didn’t make me want to go stab someone or hit them with a baseball bat.

Maybe certain types of people are unstable, mentally, and they just need a trigger to set them off. This is a possibility, but in that case, surely movies and television are more to blame.

Manhunt, the game that allegedly inspired this murder, involves a fictional character, being thrust into a fictional environment where he is being hunted by violent thugs. He must kill these guys in order to escape and survive.

However, a couple of weeks ago, I saw Farenheight 911, which is rated 15, so this kid could easily have gone to see that instead. It showed REAL violence, people shooting and killing each other, someone being beheaded, and crying families picking up dead children and limbs of their loved ones.

How can a pixelated fictional character in a GAME be considered more violent and mentally disturbing than that? Why isn’t entertainment that’s socially acceptable for ADULTS ever subjected to the same criticism that computer games are??

Kids might not be grown-ups. But they probably don’t want to be, because WE’RE ALL A BUNCH OF HYPOCRITICAL ******.

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Thursday, 29th of July 2004

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Happy Birthday Dad!!

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Wednesday, 28th of July 2004

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Whoa. I was just reading some webpage about new games coming out this year and it had a thumbnail for a screenshot from upcoming car racing game “Gran Turismo 4″. So I clicked on it, and it loaded the screenshot image with an ad next to it.

Now, the freaky bit. The ad was for a car, and for a split second I wasn’t quite sure what was the real car and what was the game. At first glance they both looked so bloody real…..

Christ. I need to get out more.

Oh, and if you loved “Ren and Stimpy”, as in, the original R&S before Nickelodeon decided to drop its creator, John K, and *&(

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Saturday, 24th of July 2004

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Its my brothers birthday today!

Happy Birthday Josh!!

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Friday, 23rd of July 2004

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A big congrats goes out to THE COMIC SLURPER for hitting…

100 COMICS!!

Wheee! Thanks to everyone who’s suggested comics over the years!!

Oh, and check this OUTFOXED out. Oh yeah, Murdoch getting a good kickin. Thats my kinda film. Must find out when its being released in the UK…

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Wednesday, 21st of July 2004

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