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Tuesday, 27th of January 2004

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Oh god… head hurts. I didn’t plan on going to the walkabout. I never plan on going to the walkabout. It was all their fault. Damn them.

Blast. I’m going to have to try out this gunbound bizness. Its supposed to be absolutley huge in Asian countries but it just looks like worms to me. How could worms be more fun than CoD…. I can’t believe it. Those little turtle things don’t even have AKs. Bah.

Doh, lots of the comics are broken. I must get on the case….

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Monday, 26th of January 2004

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Happy Australia Day!!

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Friday, 23rd of January 2004

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The President of the USA: likes ribs, but not answering questions to the press. He has a CV, although…its not a very good one. And he’s done a lot since he’s been in power but sadly, not much of it has been very good for the world….or even the US.

This response letter is brilliant. “Sit down and shut it.” :)

Trains in England are shit, just ask Tobs, he knows.

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Wednesday, 21st of January 2004

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“It is not the consumer that will suffer” ….bollocks.

I wish more people would tell SCO to put up or shut up as well.

Snipers rifles kill CoD. This guy is right.

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Tuesday, 20th of January 2004

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Oh crap. Found out today that I actually DO have to do a tax return for last year. Someone had told me that if you only have one job and its PAYE then the UK government doesn’t bother making you do one. I thought that was fantastic, I even told my mates back home about it, but…..nope. That turned out not to be true.

So I now have 11 days left to get my tax return in. Great. I love doing tax. Other favorite pastimes include: having teeth pulled, and waxing my bikini zone.

OK, I have 2 opinions on this. Guy, if you didn’t steal that code, then I think you were treated pretty poorly and its wrong that you should have to put up with that. Bad luck. However, if you DID have something to do with the source leak, then I hope you burn.

Hey, I wonder if these kids’ parents give their children a crack-pipe when they turn 10?

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Friday, 16th of January 2004

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Today this website is now at PASTEL BLUE alert!! Please try to go about your business as normal.

Have you bought your SCO IP licenses yet??? No? NO???


Well at least he tried.

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