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Wednesday, 31st of December 2003

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Tuesday, 30th of December 2003

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Unnggg…. hungover today. *And* I’m the only one in the office. Why can’t I have this week off too!! No fair.


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Monday, 29th of December 2003

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There was quite a disturbing sight on the way to work this morning. There’s a little Gucci shop on Cornhill street, and outside it was a queue 20 people long all lined up. So… these people are lined up right, in the RAIN, so they can save 15 quid off of a 200 quid handbag?? A 300 quid pair of shoes??? Freaks.

I took down the site’s christmas decorations now that Christmas is over for another year. This is a pretty interesting article, kinda one-sided but also contains a lot of harsh truths (for Microsoft).

Whoa, how cool is this. This year I bought my brother KotOR for his birthday, and then he bought me Prince for mine. Look at what came first and second in Penny Arcade’s "We Were Right" awards. Spooky!

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Thursday, 25th of December 2003

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Merry Christmas!!!

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Tuesday, 23rd of December 2003

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Hrm, there appears to be quite a lot of people around the city even though its almost Christmas. Very strange, I thought the place would be a ghost town.

Gamespot’s Best and Worst of 2003 are out. No surprises for most disappointing delay. Am very glad KotOR won best role-playing game cos I’m playing it now and its GOOD. I’m being very evil to get dark-side points, lying to the jedi-council, making people hate each other, killling everything I can possibly kill, its cool fun! :)

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Monday, 22nd of December 2003

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Chris Barrett, you are, the biggest prick in London. Die.

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