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Sunday, 30th of November 2003

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Happy Birthday To Me!

I turned 27 today. Birthday wishes here. :)

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Thursday, 27th of November 2003

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Wahay, today’s the Christmas do at work. Free piss, and I’m finally feeling better. Time to get SMASHED! Wheee! :)

More good news -> GLASTO 2004 IS ON BABY!!! Sweet.

Here’s today’s "Can you tell the difference?" quiz! Now tell me if you can spot the difference between the Peugeot Hoggar concept car, and the Warthog from Halo? No? Well one’s silver and the other is green dumbass!! (oh, and yes…. the rear-mounted chaingun.)

Hey, why don’t you help tell the US and the EU trade ministers to stop making excuses over the collapse of the trade talks? Go on.

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Wednesday, 26th of November 2003

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The world is going crazy with bloody "political correctness". Los Angeles county have banned the use of the terms "Master" and "Slave" when manufacturers label computer equipment. Now let’s think about this: those 2 words are relatively accurate in describing how 2 disks work on a bus. One is the Master (has priority on the bus), and the other is the Slave (it doesn’t). Those 2 terms make sense in this context, so what wrong with using them?? Stupid.

Ooo… Halo Soundtrack just came out.


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Tuesday, 25th of November 2003

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Every fucker in this office has his background set to some picture involving England winning the bloody rugby. Oh yeah?? Well, come see me when you can beat us at rugby league! Or cricket!! Yeah… or like, when you have more kangaroos than we have!! I’d like to see THAT!

Heh, that told ‘em.

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Monday, 24th of November 2003

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Finished the awesome Call of Duty this weekend. What a great game. Better than Medal of Honor (and that’s saying something). I’m also watching the first season of 24. Its just hit 8am…I’m hooked.

Flouting laws. I like to flout.

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Sunday, 23rd of November 2003

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Congratulations to England for winning the world cup. It was a great game, both teams played exceptionally well and it couldn’t have been much closer. What a brilliant match.

Today we’re flying the flag anyway, cos the Aussies put in a top effort and there’s no shame in losing to England. Well done Wallabies!

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