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Friday, 30th of May 2003

May 30th, 2003 Comments off

Check out some of the acts that are going to be at Glasto this year, wicked!

I hope this isn’t true…. scary.

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Thursday, 29th of May 2003

May 29th, 2003 Comments off

Holy crap, I didn’t jinx it. Its sunny as hell outside, nice!

I bought the new movement CD last week. I’m listening to it right now…. some wicked tunes. Bryan Gee is the man.

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Wednesday, 28th of May 2003

May 28th, 2003 Comments off

Oh no, dare I say it? Ah stuff it:

Its a hot sunny day today!

There, I’ve done it. Now its going to piss down rain for the rest of the week…

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Tuesday, 27th of May 2003

May 27th, 2003 Comments off

Oh god, I spent the whole long weekend drinking. My liver and I are not on speaking terms at the moment…

You sue me, I sue you…. lets sue everybody!

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Thursday, 22nd of May 2003

May 22nd, 2003 Comments off

Last night me and the guys from work saw The Matrix Reloaded and I have to say I’m impressed. It was very good, the story rocks and its jam packed with action. Go see it, go see it now. Oh, and watch the closing credits, cos there’s a sneak-peek at the 3rd movie afterwards. :)

Whoa, a Neon Genesis Evangelion movie is in the works, cool!

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Wednesday, 21st of May 2003

May 21st, 2003 Comments off

I downloaded the Doom 3 trailer yesterday… Wow. Looks like lots of people will be upgrading their 3D card this year. :)

Also found a shaky hand-held recording of a Halo 2 movie shown at the recent E3 expo.

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