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Thursday, 31st of October 2002

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Grrrr…bloody hard disk has been crashing all day. Its making my ability to do any work very difficult….

Oh well, my job could be worse. I could be a zookeeper

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Wednesday, 30th of October 2002

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Phoenix 0.4 has just been released, and does it rock or WHAT? Kicks mozilla’s arse as far as speed goes, and now that it has type ahead find its got everything you need. Go on, try it! (linux or win)

Have been making good progress in Neverwinter Nights lately. Very cool game.

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Tuesday, 29th of October 2002

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Well, I’m back alive again after my throat infection was eclipsed by a horrendous bout of food poisoning over the weekend, I think I lost about a stone!

I just don’t get this, some dumbass company had a report they didn’t want the public to see just yet, so what do you think they did with it. Put it on their website of course! Then they got pissed off when other sites linked to it. Grade-A muppetry…

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Friday, 25th of October 2002

October 25th, 2002 Comments off

Whoa, Queensland is getting done and dusted by huge dust storms!

Here’s a good article on libel and trial by media.

Oh, and I also found the time (finally) to sort out my logs page thanks to spending all day at home with a throat infection.

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Thursday, 24th of October 2002

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Yay, the TARDIS lives on!! We’re still safe from the cybermen and the daleks!

This is pretty interesting, Microsoft are XMLising all their document formats in Office 11. That just does NOT sound like them at all, but if its true….wicked!

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Wednesday, 23rd of October 2002

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I’ve been learning a lot about libel lately, its a very interesting law. Very interesting indeed…

The link I gave yesterday turns out to be a chapter from Stallman’s new book.

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