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Monday, 31st of December 2001

December 31st, 2001 Comments off

Well, its almost time now. I’m going to Fabric tonight, should be a huge party.

Why don’t you amuse yourself while you wait for the clock to count down…

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Thursday, 27th of December 2001

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Here’s a good article about the way things are going. Very sad…it seems soon we’ll all be surfing the McNet.

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Tuesday, 25th of December 2001

December 25th, 2001 Comments off

Merry Christmas!!

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Sunday, 23rd of December 2001

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Darkgate tip for the day: with all that Christmas cooking I’m sure everybody is doing right now, you can never get enough kitchen equipment. In fact, why not go to Debenhams website right now and search for "jugs"…

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Friday, 21st of December 2001

December 21st, 2001 Comments off

Oh dear, what do we have here. A critical security vulnerability has been found in Windows XP…but wait, whats this? A new windows virus as well?!

Ahhh..aren’t Fridays just the greatest? :)

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Thursday, 20th of December 2001

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It looks like someone put a lot of work into this map of Springfield. Definately worth a look.

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