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Friday, 31st of August 2001

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Would you trust Microsoft with important information such as your passwords and credit card information? I wouldn’t.

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Wednesday, 29th of August 2001

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Dmitri Sklyarov has been indicted. This goes to show just how FUCKED UP the US legal system is, show your support here.

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Tuesday, 28th of August 2001

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Kewl, a new digital anime movie, its called Blood: The Last Vampire.

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Monday, 27th of August 2001

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The Ashes series are over, and as usual … Australia was VICTORIOUS!

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Friday, 24th of August 2001

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Oh no, some scientists have found that kids who play computer games will have trouble with emotions and memory … or something …. err … what was I saying? Meh.

…oh, and Happy 10th Birthday Linux!!

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Thursday, 23rd of August 2001

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Presenting Dr Aki Ross from the aptly named Final Fantasy. :)

also, check this out!

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