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Friday, 30th of March 2001

March 30th, 2001 Comments off

ANOTHER security vulnerability in IE. Get a clue guys!

Also, if anybody has the whole Rising Stars comic series please tell me where I can get them!

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Thursday, 29th of March 2001

March 29th, 2001 Comments off

Now this is NOT FUNNY….It ISN’T. No Siree Bob…

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Wednesday, 28th of March 2001

March 28th, 2001 Comments off

The only problem with running Linux on your laptop. :)

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Monday, 26th of March 2001

March 26th, 2001 Comments off

Oh my god! Oh my god!! A NEW B5 MOVIE! And possibly a NEW SERIES! WICKED!!

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Wednesday, 21st of March 2001

March 21st, 2001 Comments off

What the fuck to these finnish wankers think they are doing??

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Tuesday, 20th of March 2001

March 20th, 2001 Comments off

Please, don’t ever steal this man’s newspaper! He is armed, dangerous, and has ORANGE hair!!

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